Polycarbonate expands & contracts with temperature changes. How will this effect my installation?

Sheet will expand in hot weather and contract in cold.

Figure about 1/32″ per foot for 100º of temperature change. To avoid problems follow the installation recommendation provided by the Manufacturer.

Installation with sheets touching, or jammed tight against a wall, can create problems as the sheet expands: they will make a "creaking" noise. That is a normal effect of sheet movement along the framing members, there's no need to be alarmed.

The precise expansion of a panel can be calculated with the following expression: ΔL=αxLxΔT°.

ΔL: Thermal expansion;

α= 0.065 mm/m°C;

L= panel’s length;

ΔT°= estimated temperature in Celsius degrees.

The linear expansion coefficient is 0,065mm/ml/°C

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