How To Fasten Polycarbonate Sheets

It is important to choose the correct fastener for your specific application. We recommend using a #12 woodmate screw for wood and a #12 self-drilling screw for metal, such as aluminum or steel.

Fasteners should penetrate the roof or wall of your structure by at least one (1) inch.

  1. No polycarbonate profile is designed to be fastened down. Attachment points should be through polycarbonate sheets.
  2. Fastening should be done one to two inches away from the edge of a polycarbonate sheet.
  3. If fastening to a purlin, leave 6” of room from the edge profiles to connect.
  4. Overtightening screws can cause leaking and weaken the strength of a sheet.
  5. Fasten until the Neoprene galvanized washer is sitting flat/flush to the sheet or profile. Tight enough to not be moved out of position but not depressed into the polycarbonate sheet.
  6. Predrilled 1/16” larger than the fastener being used (this allows for thermal expansion)
  7. Drilling should be done through an aluminum profile and/or sheet and into the structure (rafters or purlins) to which it will be fastened.

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